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October 2, 2011

What is the opposite of early intervention?

Sadly, it is a homicide review – in this case child death reviews.  So it is really depressing to read that one of the biggest increases in council budgets this year is for child death reviews – up 141% to £16.3 million.  That is an increase of about £10 million.  And £10 million clearly wouldn’t transform early intervention, but somewhere all this is false economy.

September 30, 2011

How would you spend £250m? Bins or lives?

On emptying the bins each week?  Really? Of how about some other options?

1. Keeping legal aid in private law family cases as it stands today – keeping thousands of vulnerable people, especially children safe and offering justice to the most needy

2. Employing 400 IDVAs across the health service for 20 years- YES – 20 years – offering support to the 40,000+ high risk victims who do not access the criminal justice system.

3. Employ all IDVAs and all MARAC coordinators for 8 years and save….well over a £1bn.

How can emptying bins be a better decision??

December 3, 2010

England’s World Cup bid….

Our bid, which cost £15 million and got two votes (?!?) would have paid for the whole of the Home Office VAWG strategy for 2 years…or all of CAADA’s for 7 years.  Value for money? (sorry to the football fans in the office)