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August 14, 2014

Coercive Control – how should MARACs respond?

Last month we held our regular national MARAC Scrutiny Panel where we examined a number of anonymised cases which involved high levels of coercive control and risk.  Tomorrow we will publish on our website (and I am sure on Twitter as well) the guidance that we prepared together with all the experts who attended the Panel.  There is advice for IDVAs, MARAC chairs and partner agencies both before and at the MARAC.

Coercive control may be part of the vast majority of cases that IDVAs and other DV specialists deal with (it is called the Power and Control Wheel after all), but it is not so obvious to other agencies who might deal with cases on an incident based approach rather than looking at patterns of behaviour.  Equally, the impact of growing up in a climate of coercion and fear is sometimes missed by those focusing on the adult victim of abuse (Marianne Hester’s planets sneak in again…).

Our briefing seeks to address this in just 2 pages.  Ok, the font is very small….

Go to our website tomorrow to download it.  As ever, all feedback welcome – we really want every MARAC in the country to use it.  Any questions, please ask your MARAC Development Officer.  To remind yourself who they are go to: 

August 13, 2014

Please answer our call


Pretty much every year for the past 9 years we have promised ourselves that we will do a proper count of how many practising IDVAs there are across the country.  The terms ‘back of the envelope calculation’ and ‘guesstimate’ are beginning to wear a bit thin, so we have finally decided to take a step forwards and actually find out exactly the figure.

Over the next week, every member of the CAADA team will be calling every single IDVA service in the country to find out how many IDVAs they employ, how many are qualified and some brief details about the profile of victims that they work with.  We will be reporting this back to the Home Secretary in September as part of her HMIC National Oversight Group.  So if you get a call from CAADA in the next week….please answer.

Many thanks