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May 20, 2011

Criminalising Forced Marriage?

The Home Affairs Select Committee announced yesterday that it supported the criminalising of forced marriage while maintaining the civil offence.  This has some relevance to the EU convention on Violence Against Women which our Government has been cautious about endorsing.  The main reason for the caution I understand, is because the convention sees Forced Marriage as a criminal offence.   It is potentially very important for the wider policy and funding for VAW services if this convention is implemented here, so watch this space.

Family Law.

March 9, 2011


At the National MARAC Steering Group today we had feedback from a sample of about 50 MARACs about referring cases involving ‘honour’ based violence to MARAC.  In about half of cases this was done systematically, and in half it was done selectively.  Less than 5% of MARACs did not refer HBV cases to the meeting.  Our advice does make a distinction between different types of cases involving “honour” based violence. 

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