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May 2, 2012

Feedback on MARACs and GPs

I got some really interesting ideas following my last post through from Sheila Brookes, Domestic Abuse Strategy Team Leader for Cheshire West and Chester which I have reproduced below.  Do note the consultation from the Institute of Health Equity on the role of the NHS Workforce in addressing the social determinants of health.  I would just add that we do not really expect to see many referrals from GPs to MARACs – our aspiration at this stage is rather to ensure that proportionate information is shared in both directions so that all have the clearest picture of risk and can respond safely and appropriately.  I am still very glad to hear from anyone else with good practice examples that we can put into the discussion, ahead of publishing our toolkit which will have a few options in it.

We have  a slot on an annual  Child Health Promotion Course through the Safeguarding Consultant and Safeguarding GP Lead on the LSCB which enables newly qualified doctors on rotation as GPs & hospital  staff to hear about what issues patients might present in relation to domestic abuse, what they can do, what the MARAC process is, what further training is available locally through our core DA training courses (including practice using the CAADA DASH RIC,  learning about agency roles in MARAC  and where they can refer onto). We have also run  workshops for the local Clinical Commissioners Group at  GP/Practice Nurse Half Day Rolling Programme  Education events (elective workshop). A local Safeguarding Nurse  (MARAC rep) completed the MARAC Champion training and cascades to health visitors  staff and offers advice to GPs


Our core training programme has been used as an example of good practice by the Institute of Health Equity (IHE) in their recent paper which is out for consultation (


However locally responses from GPs are still dependent on individual responses – currently their information is presented through the Lead Safeguarding Nurse but they make very few direct referrals


April 30, 2012

Developing our MARAC thinking – what is the role of GPs?

Some of you will have read in our e-News about the work that is going on in relation to supporting MARACs around the country.  The joy of having a blog is that I can sometimes sneak out information about what we are doing before it is 100% official.  It is a habit that makes me universally popular with my colleagues!

As you will know by now, we see working more effectively with health practitioners as a key way of helping to address domestic abuse and achieving our goals of halving the number of high risk victims from 100,000 to 50,000 and halving the time it takes to get effective help from 5 to 2.5 years. Lots of people ask us about how they can be engaging GPs with their local MARAC as a way to reach just about everyone who experiences DV.  We were really fortunate to be able to hold a small workshop last week with some of the dedicated MARAC practitioners who faithfully advise on these sorts of practical issues as well as the IRIS team who have done such great work engaging with GPs in relation to DV.

The short answer is that there is a huge range of practice occurring from no contact at all with the local MARAC in most areas, to regular GP referrals in a handful of areas.  Some safeguarding nurses are actively liaising with GPs ensuring that relevant information is shared both with the MARAC and from the MARAC.

Our plan is to hold another similar event in Bristol in a few weeks and then draft a toolkit which will give a few different care pathways – hopefully offering everyone something realistic and helpful for their area.

Do you have any practical ideas to share?  If so, do let me know – either via the blog comments, or to our help desk at – thank you.