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August 4, 2012

Celebrating Success – ASSIST service to cover all of Strathclyde

Following on from my last post, the other bit of great news from the news of funding for VAWG services in Scotland, is the decision to roll out the ASSIST service across the whole of the Strathclyde police force area.  ASSIST provides a great IDVA service and set up the first Scottish MARAC a few years ago.  It is heartwarming to see their hard work rewarded in this way at a time when growth and expansion are hardly the order of the day.

ASSIST have been friends of CAADA’s since day 1 – I think we were set up at almost the same time.  Deb Nicholson the first manager came on our first IDVA training course in 2005, and her successor Mhairi McGowan attended a couple of years later.  They were one of the grantees from the Hestia Fund and we even managed to hire one of the IDVAs, Lucy McDonald who continues to train for us.  Now we are working with them and Scottish Women’s Aid to deliver accredited training for domestic abuse practitioners in Scotland – and very proud to do so.  I don’t know many people who have been as unstintingly positive, reliable and generous as Mhairi – so to her and her team – CONGRATULATIONS!  The women of Strathclyde will be safer as a result of this decision.


August 4, 2012

Can someone explain? £5 vs £0.30p a head…

I have a pile of papers marked ‘To Read at the Weekend’.  It doesn’t always get read.  I have been carrying around for a couple of weekends the press release from the Scottish Government about their funding for Violence Against Women and Girls.  They announced funding of £34.5m for the next 3 years – £11.5m a year or £5 per woman over the age of 16 in the population.  I looked again at the figures for funding for VAWG services in England and Wales….£7m a year or £0.30p a head.

When I started working on domestic abuse in 2003, it was because several people told me that it was ‘the biggest human problem that was the hardest to raise money for.’  It seems like not much has changed south of the border.

Can anyone explain?