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January 30, 2014

Scaling Good Ideas – The Family Nurse Partnership and Domestic Abuse

Following the research from the Early Intervention Foundation yesterday, with its recommendations regarding the Family Nurse Partnership as a means of intervening early in domestic abuse, I then received a blogpost from the wonderful Bridgespan series.  ( from @jeffbradach ) It highlights that even the FNP (or NFP as they call it in the US just so I can never remember which way around it is….) which is about the best evaluated model out there, only is available to 2% – yes 2% of people who are eligible for it.  They write:

“The Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), launched in Denver in 1970, currently serves 26,000 low-income, first-time mothers in 43 states by partnering them with a registered nurse who provides ongoing home visits from pregnancy through the child’s second birthday. The program has been shown to dramatically improve life outcomes for both the mother and child, and provides $5.70 in benefits to society for every dollar spent. Yet, even after successfully securing in 2010 a $1.5 billion federal funding stream that supports this type of work, NFP reaches less than 2 percent of the total number of mothers that qualify for its services, and all home visitation programs (which are of mixed quality) reach less than one in five of those that might benefit.”

How is that possible?

How much more evidence does one need?