About Diana Barran

Diana Barran is the founder and Chief Executive of CAADA, Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse. Since CAADA began work in 2005, it has supported a transformation in the way domestic abuse is addressed in the UK: promoting a new focus on high risk victims through access to highly trained specialists, improved co-ordination between multiple frontline agencies and stronger risk assessment.  As a result of CAADA’s work, over 50,000 adult victims received this specialist support in 2011.

Diana was previously a Donor Adviser and Head of Grant Development for New Philanthropy Capital and co-authored a guide for donors and philanthropists about the Domestic Violence sector called “Charity Begins at Home.”

After graduating from King’s College, Cambridge in 1980, Diana went into the City as an investment banker.  She founded one of the first European Hedge Funds in 1993.

Diana is a trustee of Comic Relief and the Henry Smith Charity, two leading grant making trusts.  She is also trustee of the Hestia Fund, a grant making trust that specialises in supporting domestic abuse projects and was co-author of the largest research study carried out in the UK on high risk victims of abuse, ‘Safety in Numbers’.

She was awarded the Beacon Prize for England in November 2007 and received an MBE in the Queens Birthday 2011 Honours List in recognition of her work to protect domestic abuse victims.

She is married and has four children.

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  1. Dear Diana,

    I have just watched your interview on sky news.. Congratulations on all your hard work. I certainly hope that all those important people are supporting Nigella Lawson in what she has endured at this time. Many of us expats in the Middle East and thinking of Nigella and we hope that this is all brought out in the public domain so that her husband can be prosecuted

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