Insta-Policy – Fill in the gaps to find your dream policy to address violence against women and girls

Below is an extract from a recent Select Committee Report.  Fill in the gaps to create your dream policy….

“We welcome [name of department] new [£25m] Research and Innovation Fund for violence against women and girls…

However, there is a balance to be struck. Given the relatively limited evidence about ‘what works’ to prevent violence against women and girls in different contexts, it is important that the [fill in your choice here] Department does not rush into large-scale violence against women and girls programming with unrealistic expectations about timeframes and results. Research into violence against women and girls, as well as programming, needs to have realistic timeframes, in recognition of the time needed to bring about and measure complex social change. We recommend that [name of department] take a lead by investing in longer-term, flexible and phased programming involving piloting, integrated research and analysis, and gradual scale-up of programmes and evaluation. Programmes to tackle violence against women and girls should have a minimum 5-year timeframe and realistic results frameworks (including using interim and process indicators) in recognition that follow-up phases are likely to be needed and long-term impacts may only be realised after 10-plus years. 


It is important that [name of department’s] programmes seek to tackle domestic violence, and that they are targeted at household level, given that social norms and behaviours are largely formed here. The review also indicates that [name of department] should seek better to integrate violence with its work with children and social protection programmes.

Honesty check: 1. The bold text is mine; 2. I removed one word – internationally.

Sounds radical doesn’t it?!!

For more info go to: 

Where else might these principles apply??……(exit stage left, thoughtfully….)

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