What have standard bed charts in hospital and MARAC got in common?

This blog post may not be immediately catchy and appealing as it deals with forms, recording, and consistency.  But it is important – so please read on….

There was a lot of attention in the news this morning about the need for standard records to be used in hospital to record a patient’s vital signs, with the suggestion that 6,000 lives a year could be saved by this simple step.  http://bbc.in/MpciKi

We couldn’t save 6,000 lives if everyone used the standard MARAC forms that already exist  (see http://www.caada.org.uk/marac/Resources_for_MARAC_Chairs_and_Coordinators.html  but we could be much more confident of getting the full picture of a victim’s experience and the risks that they face if everyone used them.  If you aren’t using them at your MARAC, please let me know why not.  This is still the most likely place that we can get the full picture of risk, and where we have the most options to safety plan in a coordinated way.

It may sound a bit dull but almost every time we hear of a serious case review or homicide review, the same things come up about not seeing the whole picture.  Getting some simple basic things right can change that for adult and child victims alike.

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