Celebrating Success with WRSAC

I am just trundling back on the train from a great day in Cornwall – not a great day in terms of weather of course – but a great day in terms of celebrating with the WRSAC staff, volunteers, trustees, partners and friends, their triumph at the Glaxo Smith Kline Impact Awards – which if you haven’t read the news…THEY WON…beating over 400 other entrants.

You can watch a short video about their work at http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/multimedia/wrsac_cornwall.html

Travelling to and fro from Cornwall involves a long train journey, so is giving me plenty of time to think about what makes a great domestic and sexual violence service.  I think it comes down to three things: the quality of the people, the quality of the partnership and the clarity about the goals  they are working towards.  WRSAC felt like a stick of rock to me – it didn’t matter where you cut it, there was a consistency in the quiet, approachable, professionalism of the team which was striking.  A number of the partners spoke at the meeting from the police, local authority, health and probation (I have probably forgotten someone).  There were one or two we would like to clone…but leaving that aside, the key thing that came through was a common purpose – and that obviously reflects years of hard work to build.  Finally, there is no doubting the charity’s commitment to the women and children they support.  Whether in the hospital where there are two IDVAs, or among the rest of the wider team, volunteers and trustees – everyone was focused on ensuring that women and children in Cornwall are given a chance to get to a position of safety and self respect.  I am not surprised that they won.

In a climate where there is so much focus on value for money, I hope commissioners recognise the added value that the combination of these factors brings both in human and financial terms.  I think that in those places where these three things exist, the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts and one tampers with it at one’s peril.

One Comment to “Celebrating Success with WRSAC”

  1. It was great to meet you & your star fish story will stick with me. Thankyou for making the effort to come down to not so sunny Cornwall.

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