“Let me not die before my time”

A powerful new report on the impact of domestic abuse, and violence against women in West Africa has just been published by the International Rescue Committee, called ‘Let me not die before my time’.  You can download it at http://www.rescue.org/sites/default/files/resource-file/IRC_Report_DomVioWAfrica.pdf  The report stresses how violence in the home increases in post conflict societies.  

To quote from the introduction: “Women speak of domestic violence as impacting every aspect of their lives over a period of time, keeping them afraid and isolated from their friends and family and dependent on men who abuse them. Women want programs that confront this multifaceted reality. They want to be healthy (both physically and emotionally), to be financially independent, to have supportive communities that speak out against violence, and to have options for securing their safety whether through the police, a traditional chief, or a local women’s group.”

It sounds like while local realities may be very different, the wishes and needs of women suffering violence and abuse are universal.  You could have written almost exactly the same for women living in this country.


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