100th Post!

So this is my 100th Post on my blog – a small milestone after a year of blogging.  I have read lots of end of  year blogs, with highlights of the best posts of the year but that feels rather risky so I thought I would just summarise one of the bits of reading that I caught up on over the holidays.  It is the evaluation of the St Mary’s Pathway project in Manchester that was published in 2010 and co-authored by Dr Gillian Granville and Sue Bridge.  (Sue also does great work for CAADA in her ‘spare’ time.)  The evaluation looks at the impact of having an IDVA based in the maternity unit of the hospital on victims, staff and the IDVA themselves.  Here are 5 of the highlights of the report for me, and underline why our proposed work in relation to IDVAs and health is so important.  

Highlight 1: The number of referrals rose five-fold with the location of an IDVA in the maternity unit, compared to the number made previously to the community based IDVA team.

Highlight 2: 57% of women identified as suffering domestic abuse were from B&ME communities, including 23% from the Pakistani community.  This is much higher than the average figures locally.

Highlight 3: Speed of response – women received support from the IDVA within hours, in some cases just minutes.  Unsurprisingly, this should lead to a higher engagement rate.

Highlight 4: The percentage of cases referred to MARAC was 16% of the total – again much higher than the average, highlighting the importance of identifying women at this stage.

Highlight 5: The impact on staff – both midwives and doctors reflected the ease of contact with IDVA and the confidence that it gave them in identifying victims of domestic abuse.

CAADA is working now to develop Project Themis, a follow up to the Safety in Numbers work that will seek to establish what difference it makes locating IDVAs in different health settings – particularly in relation to victims with complex needs, those from minority communities and those who are much younger or older than those who access help via the criminal justice system.  The Pathway research was a great reminder of how exciting this might be.

Happy New Year!

3 Comments to “100th Post!”

  1. Yes, working in a health setting did produce some amazing results. One thing that stood out for me when doing the evaluation was the interface between the health professionals and the IDVA. I think it can often be challenging for non health staff to work in an NHS environment, but I was particularly struck by the mutual respect and knowledge exchange that took place between the midwives and the IDVA. A great example of real partnership working that produced significant outcomes for women.

  2. Very interesting work with obvious potential to be replicated across many areas.

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