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December 1, 2011

A Glimpse of Good News on Legal Aid

The Guardian, Thu 1 Dec 2011 19.23 GMT

Kenneth Clarke’s plans to slice £350m out of the annual legal aid budget appear to be losing momentum after the justice secretary unexpectedly announced a six-month delay to the programme.
The decision to postpone reforms was blamed on the need reschedule legal contracts although it also comes as the reforms encounter fierce opposition in the Lords and strong opposition from senior judges and social welfare organisations.

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December 1, 2011

Child protection volunteers help children and save money study finds

Congratulations to CSV for the early outcomes of their work with families with children on the child protection register.  See below for an article from Community Care which highlights their human and financial impact.

Child protection volunteers help children and save money study finds

A project using volunteers in child protection cases has seen risk levels for children decrease in more than three-quarters of cases new research has shown.

The research by Anglia Ruskin University on the use of child protection volunteers in Southend since March 2010 found that in 87% of cases the levels of risk had decreased as indicated by child assessment framework (CAF) levels.

Of the 64 families involved in the project, including 37 on child protection plans, 11 had been removed from child protection plans altogether while seven families reported improved school attendance.

Even after taking account of the costs of running the scheme, researchers found the scheme had resulted in savings to the council of £143,644.

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