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November 23, 2011

New Research from NSPCC and Refuge on Children living with Domestic Abuse in London

Important new research has been published by the NSPCC and Refuge today on the situation for children and young people living with domestic abuse in London.  It is still the case that the researchers highlight the following main findings:

    1. There are significant gaps in services addressing the needs of children and young people living with domestic violence in London.
    2. Some of the most vulnerable children and young people are the least likely to be able to access help when they need it. There should be a stronger emphasis on equality of access to help for children and young people, regardless of their ethnicity, age, gender, disability or parental immigration status.
    3. Children are rarely given opportunities to express their own views, and some professionals are reluctant to talk directly with children and young people and to involve them in decisions which affect them.
The research also comments on the use of the risk assessment and points out rightly that the focus is largely on the adult victim.  Perhaps it is timely to say that we are working on a triage tool that can be used not just in cases involving domestic abuse, but also substance misuse and mental health problems, to permit early identification of children who have needs that are not being met.  I hope too that our safeguarding CPD course goes some way to starting to bridge some of the gaps identified in the report.
And we really welcome the focus on the triage system, especially with health based IDVAs which can permit identification of abuse earlier and support to be offered in a really timely and effective way.  You can read the research at
November 23, 2011

More Congratulations to New Leading Lights Domestic Abuse Services!

It is great to announce another seven IDVA services have achieved their Leading Lights accreditation bringing the total nationally to 19 accredited services!  They deserve many congratulations.  The seven are: West Cheshire DAFSU, East Cheshire DAFSU, My Sister’s Place, West Mercia WA, The Pontypridd Safety Unit, The Sunflower Centre Northampton, and the Wirral Family Safety Unit.  I hope to be writing a bit about each one to give a sense of the quality and creativity of their work.  So more to follow…