From the Ground up – Promising Criminal Justice Projects in the US and the UK

I had a fascinating day at the launch event for the Centre for Justice Innovation in the UK, hosted by Policy Exchange, where their first report on innovation in the criminal justice sector was published.  You can download it at  and turn to p34 for the CAADA story.  But actually, you should read all the stories (and if you are reading this blog you might know the CAADA story already) because there are great examples of practical and effective work from both sides of the pond.

Strong statements from Nick Herbert and Kit Malthouse on the need for innovation, and the value of payment by results, great links from Strathclyde between criminal justice, health, child development etc and eye-watering stats from Kentucky, where the prison population had been rising by 40% a year…before some clear thinking, analysis and political will has started to turn that around.  Indeed, in Strathclyde they are about to start piloting the use of alcohol detection ‘bracelets’ for certain offenders – including domestic violence – which will alert police if the wearer has a drink!

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