The Day of the two 4,000s


Yesterday saw a lot of coverage about the figure of 4,000 women convicted of domestic abuse and rather less on the report of the Taskforce looking at ways to divert women from crime, which noted that the female prison population is coincidentally also at 4,000.  The reporting of the latter was unsurprisingly more sympathetic and reflective – noting the powerful case for alternatives to custody but also the complexity of funding these.  However both could have benefitted from a bit more context.  4,000 women prosecuted for DV, versus more than 10 times that number of men.  4,000 women in prison and perhaps 8,000 children left without their mother.


BBC News – Women’s convictions for domestic violence ‘double’.

One Comment to “The Day of the two 4,000s”

  1. Particulary interesting given a presentation I saw last year from a diversion scheme. The statistics they presented listed 99% of their clients as having a history of being a victim of domestic abuse.

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