Fall in child abuse deaths – is something working?

Fall in child abuse deaths

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies newsletter highlighted recent research from the University of Warwick. This reveals that child deaths related to assault have fallen from an average of three a week in 1974 to one a week in 2008. Peter Sidebotham, who led the study, says that this is due to the child protection register, to the formalization of the protection of vulnerable children, to better support for vulnerable families and to a general growing public awareness of children’s needs. Click here http://press.psprings.co.uk/adc/may/adc207647.pdf <http://press.psprings.co.uk/adc/may/adc207647.pdf>  to read the research.

One Comment to “Fall in child abuse deaths – is something working?”

  1. It is so great to get a bit of good news! So often in Child Protection we read about when it goes wrong and yet it does seem like the message about the need to protect children and how best to do it are getting out there, thank goodness. It is a shame that the report doesnt specify whether the cases are familial abuse or other. I wonder if the rise in adolescent male deaths is linked to violence from other young males rather than child abuse by an adult? We need to know this if we are to direct resources at the problem in a targetted way such as working with gangs etc.

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