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May 21, 2011

Family Drug and Alcohol Court Evaluation

I was lucky to be able to visit the first Family Drug and Alcohol court a few months ago and was very impressed.  Now we have the first evaluation of its work.  The court combines intensive support for parents with substance misuse problems, with close liaison and very clear boundaries with the Family Justice system.  The results show that more children are able to stay safely with their parents than is normally the case and where they are unable to control their substance misuse safely, then decisions are taken more quickly about the long term care of their children.  And of course, the percentage of families who have experienced domestic abuse as well as substance misuse…..?  Almost 100%.

For more on the evaluation click below:

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May 21, 2011

With all the noise about rape sentences – here are some facts

The Guardian very helpfully has sent out the breakdown of rape sentences – so perhaps we can all use some facts in this debate?


Factcheck: Was Ken Clarke right that rapists serve at least a year in jail? | Politics |