Privacy and paedophilia: who should get to know?

In another really thought provoking post from the UK Human Rights Blog, Isabel McArdle sets out the findings from the Court of Appeal judgement (H and L v A City Council [2011] EWCA Civ 403) about the disclosures made by local authority to other organisations about a person’s conviction for a sex offence against a child.  The Court found that a blanket approach to disclosure was not lawful and that the parties concerned should have been given the opportunity to make representations on the matter before a decision to disclose was made.

Privacy and paedophilia: who should get to know? « UK Human Rights Blog.

On a more modest note, we had a query this week about whether it is lawful to make disclosures from MARAC minutes as part of a CRB check.  Our advice has always been that disclosures need to be proportionate and there needs to be a pressing need to disclose.  We need to balance the impact of disclosure with the benefits it might bring in the context of the risks posed.  So once again, good judgement is essential.

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