Continuing Professional Development – New Steps for our sector

Some of you who know me well will have listened to me talk wistfully about a CPD programme for our sector.  The feedback we get from practitioners who attend our foundation training for IDVAs is really positive- but until now we have not had a way of building on this and developing the skills and practice of our sector still further.  UNTIL NOW!!  I am really proud to announce our new CPD programme which was launched earlier this month with a specialist module on safeguarding children living with domestic abuse, accredited with the University of Bath.I think that this is exciting for four reasons.  Firstly, we are meeting a clear need identified in research (Safety in Numbers), Serious Case Reviews and the recent Munro review to clarify the role of practitioner who is working with the adult victim of domestic abuse and how they can address the safety of children.  If our training is effective, risks to children will be identified earlier and addressed more effectively while maintaining effective support to the parent.

Secondly, this training is aimed not just at DV specialists but at other practitioners such as health visitors for example.  We think that the mix of learners will enhance the learning – building professional networks and giving more opportunities to respond well to victims and their children.

Thirdly, we are really fortunate to have had fantastic support in the training room from real experts in the field – we aren’t trying to do this alone – including a family court judge, senior Cafcass officer, safeguarding board chair and a senior social worker.

Finally, we are meeting the needs of practitioners who get all too little ‘professional oxygen’ in their daily work.  It is a privilege to work with such committed individuals who are happy to be the pioneers in helping us plan this approach.  Our first university accredited practitioners will soon be with us!  If we can work with all of you to make sure that the response to victims continues to improve then that will be a good thing.

Please add your thoughts on which subjects you would like to see covered on future CPD modules…

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