Testosterone vs Oestrogen

I went to a very special reception at 10 Downing Street today to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The Prime Minister started his address with a reflection about which was more challenging – the testosterone of PM’s questions, or the combined oestrogen of the women assembled there!  None of us tried to answer!  It was a fascinating group of pretty amazing women (yes, I did wonder how I got an invitation) from business, the law, charities, the arts, sport, armed forces and media.
The PM went on to talk about the three P’s which were as follows:

Power: There are now 49 Conservative MPs who are women – up from 18 at the last election.  There is a greater percentage of women MPs in Kyrghyzstan and Rwanda apparently than in the UK.  He stressed the need for positive action to increase the number of women in parliament.

Persecution: He talked of the disgrace of FGM (female genital mutilation), of forced marriage and of the need for all of us to be ‘intolerant’ of such practices both at home and abroad.

Poverty: as we know, about two thirds of the world’s poor are women.  He talked of the commitment to DFID’s budget and our responsibility as a nation to help the world’s poorest.

It was an inspiring group of people and an honour to be there.

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