Stalking Awareness Week 11-18 April

Coming soon is Stalking Awareness Week in which some of charities working in this area will draw attention to their belief that the law needs to be tightened in relation to stalking.  There has recently been an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling for recognition of stalking (as opposed to harassment) being a specific offence and that more needs to be done to combat cyber-stalking.  It would be interesting to get your views on how seriously stalking is taken by agencies, especially the police, in your area and how effective you feel the Protection from Harassment Act is- certainly it is being used far more widely than was the case just a few years ago.

I will be going to an event organised by the charity Protection Against Stalking at the end of this month and which will explore ways to improve the response to victims of stalking.  My own sense, is that stalking is taken very seriously at MARAC, and that typically there are people around the table who have a good understanding of its implications.  But perhaps this is because the case is already recognised as being high risk?

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