At the National MARAC Steering Group today we had feedback from a sample of about 50 MARACs about referring cases involving ‘honour’ based violence to MARAC.  In about half of cases this was done systematically, and in half it was done selectively.  Less than 5% of MARACs did not refer HBV cases to the meeting.  Our advice does make a distinction between different types of cases involving “honour” based violence. 

In cases where the victim  knows that agencies are aware of the risks they face, then we have generally advised that safe contact is made with the victim in the normal way by the IDVA  ahead of the meeting, and that the normal process of balancing considerations is followed when referring the case in. Indeed, our referral form specifically asks who the victim believes is safe and unsafe to contact in relation to their case.

On the other hand, in cases where the victim  does not know that agencies are aware of the risks that they face, it is generally not appropriate to contact them directly and therefore it would be unusual for the MARAC to be a safe process.


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