Fascinating research into how local authorities work with fathers who perpetrate domestic abuse

This research has just been published by the Family Rights Group and highlights some fascinating information about the ‘invisibility’ of fathers in child protection and children in need cases where domestic abuse was an issue.

The audit of the 70 case files in three authorities found that:

  • The majority but not all perpetrators of domestic abuse were birth fathers.
  • In 57 cases the perpetrator of the domestic abuse was the birth father and in 12 cases the mother’s partner.

The severity of the abuse was stark:

  • In 41% of the cases the adult victim had been pregnant at the time of being abused.
  • In at least 37% of the cases there had been more than six separate reported incidents of domestic violence.
  • A great many of the children were in contact with their fathers.
  • Only 12% of perpetrators were noted on the files as having definitely lost contact as a result of the domestic violence. But in only 31 cases (44%) was the phone number of the birth father on the files.
  • There was a lack of assessment and information about the parenting capacity of 61% of these fathers.
  • In the sample, 48 core assessments were undertaken (i.e. to assess the level of the child’s need/or to assess risk when there were child protection concerns)  yet the father was not seen or contacted by phone in 32% (15) of these cases.
  • The offer of attending a domestic violence perpetrator programme was made to only 14 of the 53 perpetrators.

Family Rights Group :: Press releases.


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