In the back of an ambulance

No, I wasn’t in the back of an ambulance this week but I did have the chance to meet the safeguarding leads from the different regional ambulance trusts around England.  They had helped with the creation of our Ambulance MARAC toolkit.  I learnt a couple of interesting facts for the MARAC anoraks among us.

  • An ambulance trust cannot flag and tag a MARAC case, since they will always flag an address rather than a person.  If the person moves house, the flag would not move with them.
  • Much of the information that ambulance staff collect relates to perpetrators – often with mental health and substance misuse problems.  They see many cases where the perpetrator has self harmed for example.  All highly relevant to MARAC.
  • Typically trusts do not have the capacity to attend MARAC – but actions for them could include always making sure that patients from a certain address are always seen in hospital rather than at home – which is a generous offer since they have a target to try and keep hospital admissions to a minimum.

And in the words of one of the attendees – ‘We learn at MARAC that the police will only attend in pairs, with alsatians and more.  Our staff attend with blankets and bandages.’

One Comment to “In the back of an ambulance”

  1. That’s a really important practical point about flagging and tagging. Things you would find hard to think of without asking people.

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