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November 25, 2010

First Post….

25th Nov 2010- Nerve wracking start to blogging but here goes.

We got GOOD NEWS this morning from the Home Office strategy to address Violence against Women and Girls.  Key points include a clear prioritisation of high risk victims, emphasis on MARAC and a 4 year commitment to funding.  Our view has long been that high risk cases are an area which is clearly one which government needs to address, and that without joining up specialist services with universal services, victims will not get effective help.  And a four year commitment to funding is a real step forward.  What will fundraisers do for the 3 months of the year that they used to spend writing applications?!

Also, importantly the clear focus and medium term commitment gives us all time to plan.  There is lots to be done to ensure that victims are identified earlier, that quality of provision becomes more consistent and that funding is clearly linked to outcomes.  It leaves many questions unanswered in terms of wider domestic abuse services which remain dependent on local funding decisions – but at a time of considerable cutbacks, this is a strong statement about the importance of the work that we all are part of.

I did two TV interviews this morning (will try and find the links and post them).  Main focus of questioning was on GO orders.  These will be piloted next summer in 3 areas.  Our reservations are threefold:

a. will there be immediate provision of support services for victims during the GO order period?

b. will officers be clear when to use them?  Is there a risk that criminal behaviour is ‘downgraded’?

c. is it enforceable to make someone homeless who has not committed a crime?

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